Fuel pump structure and working principle introduced

structure by the electric motor fuel pump, pressure limiter, check valve structure, the electric motor actually work in the shell of the fuel pump, do not worry, because the shell does not have any thing can be the ignition, fuel oil can lubricate and cool the motor, outlet check valve installed at the pressure limiter [...]

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Flat welding flange sealing principles and characteristics

The main flange design is that it can not guarantee no leaks. This is less than its design: the connection is dynamic, and thermal expansion of fixed period such as the load will cause movement between flange surface, affecting the function of the flange, so that damage the integrity of the flange, the expansion and [...]

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Analysis of high temperature ball valve seal structure optimization

1, Overview Ball With fluid resistance, easy to operate, open and close rapidly, sealing, and high reliability, in the petrochemical industry, long-distance pipelines and urban heating industry has been widely applied. Seat material is polytetrafluoroethylene (or PTFE) is known as the soft seal ball valve, the temperature does not exceed 200 ℃. Seat material made [...]

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Pipe exhaust valve set in the causes and solutions

pipe during operation, the water gas will escape from the area of ??high accumulation in the pipe, or even the formation of air resistance, when the tube flow fluctuation, uplift of parts of the pockets formed, will continue to be compressed, expanded , the gas pressure generated by compressed than water is compressed by the [...]

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Summary of the application materials to the pump

a cast iron (a) gray cast iron: the hardness of gray cast iron is often valued by the demand side, the appendix in GB9439-88, according to the Brinell hardness of gray cast iron hardness of gray cast iron will be divided into six species. Between hardness and tensile strength, there is a certain correspondence between [...]

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Sewage pump slurry pump efficiency and compare the six

(1) With the constant improvement of theoretical studies and experimental findings of the deepening and accumulation, especially in two-phase application of the theory, Wq sewage pumps, slurry pumps raise the level of efficiency is imperative. (2) ordinary water pump is designed for maximum efficiency, that is, clear water pump hydraulic structure parameter is the best [...]

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Sliding bearings and rolling bearings to identify

1. bearing corrosion precautions as the main bearings and connecting rod bearing, the use of the most common failure is wear-resistant alloy layer stripping or burning, and early bearing wear. After a short run if diesel, bearing surface that is quickly destroyed or badly worn, the reason most of the bearing itself is not, mainly [...]

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High precision angular contact ball bearing installation method

high precision angular contact ball bearings, mainly for high-speed rotation where the load lighter, requiring high precision bearings, high speed, low vibration and low temperature rise a certain life. Often for high-speed spindle bearing components installed in pairs, the inner surface grinder is the key to high-speed spindle accessories. main technical indicators: 1. bearing accuracy [...]

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By warm water boiler cascade-type valve advantages

boiler warm water regulating valve can be used by large and medium-sized generators, control the boiler main steam and reheat steam temperature required to reduce the flow of warm water, which is a key regulator of plant. STN by warm air control valve is a kind of multi-stage throttle valve, also called pressure differential control [...]

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Plunger pump protection methods

most domestic oil development has entered a period of high water, the conventional plunger is the main oil pump one way. Due to the high sand, high water, high salinity, high temperature steam heavy oil recovery, polymer injection and strong corrosive media mining and environmental factors, check the pump piston pump wells become shorter and [...]

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